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How do I add Gym Director Time to the HFBA Calendar System

The HFBA Calendar System is broken into 3 Topic Calendars, each topic having 2 calendars within, because HF has 2 gymnasiums.

HF Gyms are designated by number. HF 1 is the older gymnasium which is located closest to Hickory Road. HF 2 is the newer gymnasium which sits back from Hickory Road.

The second topic calendar is the DIRECTORS calendar. This calendar is used to denote and schedule all the Gym Director coverage which occurs in each HF Gym. Anyone accessing the HFBA website can view the calendars, only AUTHORIZED individuals can modify and add to the calendar. You much recieve an id from the Director in order to add and update entries in the Directors calendars.

To view Different Calendars or Login from the Public Access, look for the links in the lower left hand side of the Page. (After selecting a calendar from the home page)

Go to: Back to My Calendar | Today | Another User's Calendar
Current User: Public Access (Login)

Back to My Calendar, will take you back to the Public Access Calendar, remember - not every event is scheduled as a public access event, so make sure you always view the specific gym Activities Calendar by selecting the link "Another Users Calendar" and then selecting the name of the calendar.

View Another User's Calendar

If you have been given an id to access and update the calendars, click on the "(Login)" link and enter your id and password.

Adding Director Time to your calendar

All available hours in each gym are pre loaded into each gyms calendar. Select the time which Displays the Following Description "Director Slot".

Director Slot

Description: HF 1 (OLD) Gym Director Coverage
Date: Friday, December 1, 2006
Time: 6:00pm-10:30pm
Duration: 270 minutes
Priority: Medium
Access: Public
Category: Game/Scrimmage
Created by: DIRECTORS HF 1 GYM
Updated: Saturday, November 18, 2006 5:10pm
Send Reminder: Yes - 2 days before event
Participants: DIRECTORS HF 1 GYM

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Add to My Calendar
Email all participants

Click on the "Add to My Calendar" link, this will add the event to your own calendar and list you as a participant in the Gym Calendar record. There should only be one coaches name listed as a participant. If there is another coaches name listed then someone else has selected this time slot and is unavailable.

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