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How is the Practice Times scheduled in the Hickory Flat Gymnasiums

Gym Time is a premium item for basketball teams in Hickory Flat. Although we all pay our property taxes and built these schools and gyms in Cherokee County, the option of allowing anyone to use a facility is in the hands of the school principal. We are extremly fortunate at HFBA that the school administration allows us to schedule and use the facility all year long. We have a great relationship with the Administration at Hickory Flat Elementary and continue to keep that relationship. Other areas in Cherokee County are not as fortunate as we are, we should thank Dr. Brooks and Mr. Engram every chance we have for the use of thier facilities.

Hickory Flat Gyms, HF1 (Old Gym) and HF2 (New Gym) are used during the recreation basketball season for 3 leagues, Sequoyah Regional Basketball League, Cherokee County Youth Basketball, and the HFBA OPEN Division Team League (Greater Cherokee Youth Basketball). It is important that the children who attend Hickory Flat Elementary have priority for gym time during basketball season. The order of priority is as follows:

Hickory Flat Elementary School Functions
Hickory Flat Elementary School functions have priority over any other gym usage. The administration also has the right to grant use of the facilities to any group at any time (PTA, Boy/Girl Scouts, Voting, Blood Drive, etc.)
Hickory Flat Elementary Students Only
Teams made up from Hickory Flat students 1st through 6th Grade
Hickory Flat, Arnold Mill, Mountain Road and Johnston Students
Teams are made up from students across elementary schools which feed into Dean Rusk Middle School, this league only allows elementary school students in 1st through 6th grade. We are working with each schools CCYB Director to try and get time at other participating gyms where available.
Hickory Flat District Students Only
Teams made up from students attending DRMS and SHS 7th through 12th Grade
Teams from various areas, inside and outside of Cherokee County
Teams made up from AAU, YBOA and LOCAL players/organizations. These teams are requested to find thier own practice time. Contact your local school principals to request facilities use.
Any Team/Group wanting extra practice time
Any team wanting extra practice time may schedule time on the calendars. The team must pre-pay HFBA $7.00/hour for extra gym time.


Hickory Flat Basketball Association supports and manages these facilities with donated time and money. It is our goal to keep these facilities looking clean, organized and looking new at all times.

The Practice Schedule for these gyms usually will run Monday - Thursday 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Games are played on Friday nights 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM, Saturday 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM


*We are currently working with the administration at Sequoyah HS to possibly get addtional time at that facility. The Buffington CCYB Director, Hal Hamrick, has offered HFBA Game Time Slots as well.

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